At our initial meeting early in 2010, the Concerned Coastal Voters developed the following major goals for our organization to pursue:

1. To publicly present conservative views in a professional, factual manner and to counter misinformation where appropriate.

2. To research topics of interest at the national and state levels, and share the information among members of our group.
3. To identify and pursue the most effective venues for disseminating factual information related to our priority issues.

4. To expand membership of our group to like-minded persons regardless of their political affiliation.

Some of the Issues We Care Most About:

1. Free Enterprise Economy (e.g., fiscal responsibility, tax policies that promote growth of businesses, jobs, and general prosperity, elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation)

2. Limited, responsible, and responsive government.

3. Strong national defense, including border security.

4. Adherence by politicians and the courts to the Constitution and the rights of the individual. (e.g., civil rights, freedom of expression, right to bear arms)

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Friday, July 27, 2012


Obama continues his onslaught on the truth. His ads attack Mitt Romney concerning when Romney left Bain Capital. Independent Democrat sources VERIFIED Romney left in 1999 to run the Salt Lake Olympics. Obama knows all this. If Obama was Pinocchio he would have a nose half way around the world.
Obama's lies: If your pass the stimulus bill unemployment will stay under 8%. It's been above 8% for 41 months. If you pass the Obamacare premiums will drop $2500 a year per family. They've gone up 15-20%.  I'll cut the deficit in half by the end of my 1st term or I’ll be a 1 term president (hopefully). Deficits are nearly triple Bush's highest deficit every year. I'll lift 2 million out of poverty and jolt the economy into life. More people are in poverty today than when he came into office and the economy is running at an anemic 1-2% GDP. I'd get more jolts out of a dead battery. I’ll create five million new energy jobs.  Those green energy companies are going bankrupt (very few jobs) with our tax dollars. Solyndra sound familiar? He’s shipping jobs oversea; he’s invested US taxes in foreign companies so they can expand.
He wants to raise taxes on businesses and investors who create jobs. That improves our job market? He wants to keep the Bush tax cuts for those earning under $250,000 but for only 1 year. Why only a year? What do you think happens a year after he's reelected? Hang onto to your wallet.
Obama’s a smooth talker, but when he talks you have to listen to the fine print in what he’s saying. He never tells the simple truth, he always uses subtleties and distortions to make it appear he is saying one thing and planning another. You can’t trust someone who does that.
Bud Spencer
Gualala, Ca
Concerned Coastal Voters


For a local liberal to say that Conservatives want to abolish a safety net for the truly needy, keep women at home and not in the workplace, and keep blacks and other minorities “in their place” is insulting.

What psychological needs compel many liberals to create these ridiculous armies of straw men (and women)? Projection? An unhappy childhood? Or is it simply their need to say, “We’re not evil like those folks. We are far superior.” (See most of the President’s speeches.)

It’s difficult to address such banalities in this forum, but I’ll try. Many Conservatives have an in-depth knowledge of history. On a personal note, I helped create history by working at the federal level to disestablish segregated school systems in the South (and in northern cities), to seek gender equity in schools and colleges, and to ensure that students with disabilities received accommodations to help them fulfill their potential.

The Conservatives I know don't tolerate discrimination. Period! We certainly don’t believe that blacks and women need government to “take care of them” because they are helpless and incompetent.

The tragic history of segregation in the South was written by white Democrats and for white Democrats. They held absolute power over blacks for a century after the Civil War ended. The Democrat Party with media help, massive federal aid, and gerrymandering, has largely "whited out" its negative history and succeeded in convincing most black voters that Democrats are now on their side. Good for them. (But that doesn’t mean there aren’t racist Democrats.)

As to the “woman as housewife only” issue - - the women in CCV laugh at that. Conservative men love strong women, and we have many. They may be somewhat different than “liberal” women; e.g., they don’t praise failure or tolerate whining in men - - or in Presidents.

Jim Littlejohn
Concerned Coastal Voters
Gualala, CA  95445

Friday, July 20, 2012


I was bemused by a statement I read recently that depicts our President as a visionary, as the shepherd who will lead us to greener pastures. (No pun intended.) This paean to the President was written, I've been told, by an intelligent person. That puzzles me because the gist of this metaphor (a clever cloaking of Democrat talking points) was that we should all just follow along with the dictates of our "philosopher king" leader, re-elect him, and everything will be just hunky dory.

The problem is that conservatives don't buy that. We do love metaphors; e.g., "America is a shining city on a hill." However, if Obama is the shepherd, then it follows that we're all "the sheep." That may be okay with many Democrats and their sheep dog media, but it doesn't set will with conservatives, and many others.

America is not a nation of sheep, never has been, never will be.

Furthermore, large numbers of voters are beginning to look carefully at what conservatives have been saying all along - - that we elected a pretty good community organizer who knew enough about the law to be dangerous to our economy, our individual liberties, and our great country.

For three and one half years he has held the most powerful job we can bestow on a citizen. Has he improved our economy, brought us closer together, or enhanced our well being as a people? No.

Instead, this President has desperately stepped up his attacks on the very core of our greatness and deliberately divides our people along class lines.  This past week he commented, in effect, that "small business owners don't create their businesses, someone else does." That's "trash talk" and its patently not true.

In November, let's hope Americans vote to replace this "shepherd" with a President.

Jim Littlejohn

Concerned Coastal Voters
Gualala, CA